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Create your Universe of Cloud Services

Cloud hosting business for service providers or private use.

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Our mission is the creation of services that would allow you and your customers to achieve success.

Start making money with your hardware
Reanimate old hardware. Deploy our platform and start providing cloud services
Increase the value of your hardware
Offer your customers not only resources but also cloud services, and earn more with them
You don't have to do anything - everything is ready
Use the platform's functionality to attract customers
That’s your business
We do not interfere with your pricing. Set any tariff plans for customers, whatever you like
Get started quickly
Automated business process for a full sales cycle: billing system, card payments, and more
You don't pay for software
Pay only for support

Tool for managing your cloud business

Tool for your business

Create a complete list of your customers with all the necessary information about them.

Wide and growing range of cloud services

Deploy cloud platform on your hardware: on-premises or any public data center. Single platform can be used to manage public cloud business or private enterprise cloud.

Improve stability and performance with DevOps architecture

Implement the DevOps philosophy into practice. Use the benefits of application lifecycle management. Collaborate with team members. Build, deploy, and run your applications faster.

Outrun Cloud orchestration platform based on Kubernetes

Build, deploy and scale your services in the enterprise Kubernetes platform. Efficiently manage the application lifecycle.

Stay secure with your VPC

Use an isolated and secure environment for your infrastructure in VPC. Protect applications from unwanted traffic with Cloud Firewalls. Configure networks according to your requirements, including routing, subnets, and gateways.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Easily integrate GPUs with cloud infrastructure. Organize complex computing in areas such as AI, ML, Deep Learning, Big Data, and Trend Forecasting on virtual machines.

How it works


Cloud configuration


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Software installation


Get profit

Cloud infrastructure management made easy

  • Enjoy swift and simple provisioning of containers, clusters & environments.
  • Use advanced tools: container orchestration, resource metrics, service cloning, aggregation, and more.
  • Efficient management via simple UI, SSH access, and API.
  • Resource migration from AWS without agent installation.

Maintain high availability & performance

  • Replicate your application servers and databases.
  • Customizable Load balancing.
  • Disaster recovery plans with backup functionality.
  • Create autonomous multi-region clouds.

Terraform Provider ICDC

Simplify Infrastructure Management with Terraform Provider ICDC

Introducing the Terraform Provider ICDC, a powerful tool designed to streamline the interaction with ICDC resources. Seamlessly integrate Terraform with ICDC and leverage the benefits of infrastructure-as-code to automate and manage your infrastructure effortlessly. Configure the provider, define your infrastructure, and watch as your resources are provisioned and managed efficiently.

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