An isolated part of the ICDC Cloud that provides a cloud network for resource management in a protected environment.

What is VPC?

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a logically isolated section of ICDC that allows account administrators to build the entire structure of networks from its creation to setting up subnet ranges and routing, as well as to ensure the security of the servers using the built-in Firewall.

VPC security

VPC has built-in security settings that are defined as a list of allowed accesses. Thus, security is respected immediately, and not later when it will need to be configured.

What can you do with ICDC Networking?

VPC Networks

Create additional L2 networks within one VPC. For each network, regardless of the main range, an additional subnet IP address range is allocated, from which IP addresses will be allocated to virtual machines via the built-in DHCP server.


Configure additional network routes, for example, if one of your virtual machines acts as a VPN gateway to access infrastructure from the company office. Redirect traffic from one virtual machine to another within the same network or between multiple subnets without the need to use external IP addresses.


Ensure network security at the level of each virtual machine. Access rules between networks or IP address ranges and on specific ports are created within security groups, which you can simply assign to new and existing virtual machines.

Filter traffic by port range, traffic direction (inbound, outbound), protocol and other parameters.

Networking interface

Excellent speed at 50 Gbps

The highly stable ICDC network dramatically reduces latency and provides the best support for the widest range of virtual machines, even those requiring the highest bandwidth, lowest latency, and downtime.

Benefits and Features

Fast and easy

Create and configure multiple VPCs in seconds using our user-friendly interface, CLI and API. We automatically create VPC, Firewall and routes for your virtual machines.

Advanced control

Using security groups, you can easily define security policies at the virtual machine level within a virtual firewall.


ICDC Virtual Network provides you with an isolated and highly secure environment to run virtual machines and applications. Use your private IP addresses, set up subnets and security groups.

Flexible configuration

Customize your VPC according to your specific requirements. Create additional L2 networks within one VPC, or configure security groups to control inbound and outbound traffic.


VPC and Firewall allow you to manage the size of the infrastructure and grow it while maintaining complete manageability for administrators.

Work without interruption

Maintain your security, create VPCs, and configure Firewalls on the fly: non-stop, when you need it and how you like it.

Learn more about networking in ICDC with our user manual