Empower Your Cloud Databases with Ease.

Key Features

Effortless Instance Setup

  • Choose your preferred DBMS, adjust parameters, and configure network access seamlessly.
  • Automated Maintenance and Optimization

  • Ensure uninterrupted operation with automated backups and simplified recovery processes.
  • Stay current and secure through automated updates and security patches.
  • Dynamic Attribute Editing

  • Modify instance attributes on-the-go, including DBMS parameters and network settings.
  • Use Cases

    ICDC Database empowers industries with optimized data management

    Web Apps and E-commerce: Effortless scalability.

    Gaming: Low-latency access.

    Mobile Apps: Simplified backend development.

    IoT: Real-time data array processing.

    Data Analytics: Efficient analysis of large datasets.

    CMS: Efficient content storage, organization, and retrieval.

    How it Works


    ICDC Database prioritizes security

    Auditing and Compliance:
    Track/log database activities.

    Data Backup and Recovery:
    Automated backups ensure data restoration.

    Network Security:
    Isolate DB environment.

    Regular Security Updates:
    Patches, upgrades protect against threats.