Support Scope of Coverage

ICDC supports:

• Environment investigation (hardware configuration, network configuration, ISP configuration)
• Approve environment configuration
• Platform SW installation
• ICDC location configuration
• Location-wide networking services issues (DNS, OVN, VPN)
• Basic catalog items
• Basic service automation
• Hypervisor issues
• Storage cluster issues
• Data loss recovery instructions (if possible)
• Diagnosis incoming issues
• Fixing ICDC SW bugs
• Updates ICDC SW
• Basic monitoring items and dashboards

ICDC does not support:

• Guest systems (VM OS)
• Server hardware issue
• Network equipment issue
• Network equipment configuration
• ISP issue
• Integration with custom system (for ex. CMDB, ticketing system, AMS and other)
• Custom Location configuration (price model, custom roles, custom access and other)
• Modified automation
• Custom catalog items
• Account management
• Account network issue
• Hardware and environment outages
• Custom monitoring items
• No responsibility for dataloss