ICDC’s Terraform Provider

Empower your customers with Infrastructure as Code and streamline their infrastructure management workflow.

What is a Terraform Provider?

As a cloud business owner, you know it’s crucial to give your customers the right tools for managing their infrastructure. One handy tool is Terraform Provider.

Terraform is an infrastructure as code (IaC) tool. It uses plugins called Terraform providers to connect with specific platforms, like your cloud. So, your customers can use Terraform to easily handle and automate their setup on your platform.


Benefits for Cloud Providers

Attract and retain customers

Offer a cutting-edge solution that empowers your customers to manage their infrastructure effectively, enhancing their overall cloud experience and driving customer satisfaction.

Differentiate your cloud platform

Stand out from the competition by providing a valuable addition to your cloud offerings, solidifying your position as a leading provider of innovative cloud solutions.

Empower customer innovation

Enable your customers to focus on building and deploying applications rather than spending time on manual infrastructure management, fostering innovation and accelerating their time to market.

Expand your ecosystem

Attract new partners and integrations by providing a robust ICDC’s Terraform provider that seamlessly integrates with other popular infrastructure automation tools.

A Powerful Tool for Your Customers

ICDC’s Terraform Provider empowers your customers to:

Simplify infrastructure provisioning and management

Easily create, modify, and delete resources using a single configuration file, reducing manual effort and enhancing efficiency.

Leverage Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

Version control infrastructure configurations for enhanced collaboration, traceability, and repeatability across environments.

Automate resource provisioning and configuration

Automate routine tasks to ensure consistent and reliable infrastructure setups, reducing human error and improving operational efficiency.

Scale infrastructure seamlessly

Adjust resources to meet changing demands and ensure optimal resource utilization for cost-effective infrastructure management.

Integrate with CI/CD Pipelines

Seamlessly integrate with CI/CD pipelines to automate infrastructure deployment as part of the application release cycle, accelerating development and deployment processes.

Managing Cloud Infrastructure as Code using Terraform Provider

ICDC’s Terraform Provider allows for easy modifications to existing infrastructure using various cloud services. For example, creating VPC networks and instances in Compute.

Terrafrom plan

What does ICDC’s Terraform Provider support?

ICDC’s Terraform Provider currently supports the following resources:


  • Instance provisioning
  • Instance reconfiguration


  • VPC
  • DNS
  • Load balancer
  • VPN
  • Routes

ICDC’s Terraform Provider is constantly being updated with new features and support for additional resources.

Get Started

Download ICDC’s Terraform provider

Download the ICDC’s Terraform Provider and experience its capabilities firsthand.

How to use Terraform with ICDC

This tutorial introduces Terraform and shows how to manage and deploy infrastructure on ICDC.

Deepen Your Terraform Expertise

Enhance your understanding of Terraform and its capabilities by exploring the comprehensive documentation provided by HashiCorp.

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