Message Queue (MQ)

The cloud-based message broker service that simplifies data management across industries.

What is ICDC MQ?

The cloud-based message broker service simplifies the process of creating and managing message brokers, and connecting applications and services. It provides high performance and secure communication. This service is versatile, catering to a range of requirements such as hosting message brokers, analyzing data, developing a backend, and managing content. Users have the option to select between Apache ActiveMQ or RabbitMQ engine types. The service offers an effortless setup, automated maintenance, and the ability to edit configurations dynamically. One of the key benefits of this service is that it enables businesses to focus on their core operations, rather than being preoccupied with the messaging system.

Key Features

Effortless Instance Setup

The ability to select Brokers, adjust configurations, and configure network access seamlessly.

Automated Maintenance and Optimization

The system ensures up-to-date and secure operations through the application of automated updates and security patches.

Dynamic Configuration Editing

The platform facilitates on-the-go modifications of instance attributes, encompassing Brokers configuration and network settings.

Use Cases

Web Apps and E-commerce

Effortless Scaling: ICDC MQ provides a solution for applications and platforms to automatically handle surges in traffic. This eliminates the need for manual scaling efforts, ensuring smooth operation and uninterrupted growth. Businesses can focus on core functionalities and customer acquisition, confident that their infrastructure can seamlessly handle increased demand.

How it Works


Auditing and Compliance:

Track/log MQ activities.

Network Security:

Isolate MQ environment.

Regular Security Updates:

Patches, upgrades protect against threats.


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