Service Levels

L1 is the first line of support.

Calls and request handling interactions with the user via phone and e-mail;
Registration of all user requests, solution of basic questions: reports, quotas, accounts, projects, users, networks, etc;
Authorization problems, unavailable services, lack of access to a folder/repository, scheduling problems, nested virtualization, disk reconfiguration, changing disk type.

If possible, the problem is solved using documentation and instructions.
The documentation of services is available publicly:
If the issue cannot be solved, the request from the user is escalated to the L2/L3 specialists, depending on the type of problem.

L2 – IT specialists, grouped by the functional categories:

Incident and Configuration Management: operations with VM (start-up, reconfiguration, additional disks, backup, migration, GPU connection and configuration);
VM Image Catalog support: new templates creation, configuring, deployment and update;
Maintenance of physical servers and location infrastructure: control and replacement of server and network equipment, support for networks and location accesses;
User accounts management: registration, access management, usage reports, billing;
Operations with HW;
Service work on the production system;
Fixing issue with HW;
Fixing issue with SW (not ICDC);
Support of up-to-date software versions.

If some questions cannot be solved and are not listed in instructions, the request from the user is escalated to the L3 specialists.

L3 – Experts.

Problem-Solving – operations with HW, service work on the production system, error correction in code, support of up-to-date software versions.
An active ICDC subscription provides everything needed to run Partner's systems. More than software, it's access to a community of experts (Slack), knowledge resources, SW updates, and support tools.

The L3 subscription service includes:

Technical support

8/5 availability

Unlimited Incidents


Customer Portal


Training Curriculum

Ongoing Delivery


Bug Fixes



Recommended Qualification Requirements for Operator Support Team

L1 - support:
Specialist for processing primary requests.

L2 - support:
Linux OS system administrator - 3 yrs.
Networking hardware administrator - 3 yrs.
Ovirt | Vmware | RHV Virtualization administrator - 1 yr.
ICDC Compute advanced user - 3 month.
English level - Intermediate.

Roles and Responsibilities

ToolsEnd UserOperator (Location - LOC)ICDC Team. Platform support
Docs system
(provided by ICDC, supported by ICDC)
Ticketing system
(installed by ICDC, supported by Support Partner)
Support mail provided by operator
Support phone provided by operator
Support instructions
(provided by ICDC, supported by ICDC)
Monitoring system
(installed by ICDC, supported by ICDC)
ICDC Platform ticketing system
ICDC Platform ticketing email
Support ICDC phone
Support ICDC slack channel
Support requestcreateanalysis
Incidentincident management
If not resolved -> L2 level escalation
Problemproblem management
If not resolved -> L3, ICDC Platform support escalation
ICDC Platform support. Support request1. SR management
if issue with hardware/software (not ICDC) -> return support request to Partners location L2 support
if ICDC software ->
2. incident, problem management