Outrun Service

Container orchestration service with flexible management and usage capabilities.

What is ICDC Outrun Service?

The service provides your customers with the ability to manage their own dedicated ICDC Outrun clusters with full administrative rights. ICDC Outrun Service gives your customers the flexibility they need to manage and configure clusters to meet their specific needs.

Key Features

Self-service resource provisioning

Developers can create and deploy applications on demand using the tools they use most often, while operations maintain full control over the entire environment.

Deployment from Source Code

Creating ready-to-run images by embedding the source code into a container and allowing the container to prepare this source code for execution.

Integrated CI/CD pipelines

Reduction of manual deployment work, allowing to deploy higher-quality software for CI and automated testing.

Automated deployment

Automation of the assembly, deployment, scaling, and state management of containers and applications.

Multi-cluster management

Consolidated cluster views: manage multiple clusters in a unified way.

Benefits to your cloud customers

  • Simplified Application Development and Deployment

    ICDC Outrun Service provides a number of features that can simplify the process of developing and deploying applications on ICDC Outrun, such as a graphical user interface, pre-built templates, and integrated continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines. This can help customers launch their applications faster and easier.

  • Security Compliance

    ICDC Outrun Service includes a number of security features that can help customers meet compliance requirements, such as role-based access control (RBAC), network isolation, and encryption. This can help customers protect their applications and data from unauthorized access, malware, and other threats.

Use Cases

On-demand application environment

A software development company uses ICDC Outrun Service in your data center to create and manage development and production environments. ICDC Outrun Service provides quick and easy deployment, as well as seamless scaling of environments as needed, ensuring that the company always has the resources it needs to support its applications.

Accelerated application release

The built-in CI/CD pipeline helps your customers release their applications to market faster.

Modernization of existing applications

ICDC Outrun Service supports a wide range of application frameworks and programming languages, so your customers can modernize their existing applications without having to start from scratch.

Benefits to cloud business providers:

Reduced operating costs:

ICDC Outrun Service automates many tasks associated with managing and operating an Outrun cluster, such as resource allocation, configuration, and scaling. This can help cloud service providers save time and money, and free up resources to address other business needs.

Improved scalability:

ICDC Outrun Service simplifies the process of scaling Outrun clusters as needed, freeing users from worrying about underlying infrastructure. This gives cloud service providers the ability to effectively meet changing customer needs and avoid costly downtime.

Enhanced security:

ICDC Outrun Service includes a number of security features specifically designed for Outrun environments. This can help cloud service providers protect their customers' data and applications from unauthorized access, malware, and other threats.

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