Collaborate with team members. Build, deploy, and run your applications faster.

Store and manage your code

ICDC Code is a source code management service with a built-in version control system, task management, and CI/CD integration.

Adopt modern software development practices right now!

Migrate the code from older version control systems.

Use the benefits of Continuous Integration (CI) to boost product development.

Streamline issue tracking and code review.

The service is based on Gitlab

We have decided on GitLab because it is a reliable, thoughtful, and constantly evolving software lifecycle management application. Since 2011, the product has been used by more than 100,000 companies around the world. GitLab offers a number of efficient tools. Updates are being released monthly.


AD / LDAP integration

Manage SSH keys and permissions. Use a single login and password for different services.

Issue Board

Track issues and report progress without switching between products. One interface to manage full cycle : from an issue appearing in the backlog to its solution.

Built-in CI/CD

GitLab offers built-in continuous integration and delivery mechanisms. Use them to create, test, and deploy a website or web-application. Make merge requests for collaborative, controlled project management.