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Pay only for support.

Subscription includes

Choose the right ICDC support subscription for you

Subscription typeBasicStandard
Medium priority request<12 hours<6 hours
High priority request<8 hours<4 hours
Critical priority request<4 hours<2 hours

The customer submits a request using the support email address at any time (24/7). Such a request will be reviewed by support during the specified response times. The working hours of the support service are from 9.00 to 18.00 (UTC +3) excluding Saturday and Sunday.

Support subscription price

Subscription typeBasicStandard
Support levelL3 support, 8/5 tech supportL3 support, 8/5 tech support
PricevCPU (core)...$2.5

RAM (GiB)...$0.125

Storage (GiB)...$0.015

GPU (GiB)...$4.75
vCPU (core)...$3.125

RAM (GiB)...$0.1563

Storage (GiB)...$0.0188

GPU (GiB)...$5.9375

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