About ICDC

ICDC Open Source Cloud Platform is a ready-to-use platform for cloud hosting business. ICDC platform creates cloud services from hardware.

Features for cloud hosting business:

  • Using the platform's cloud services to attract customers
  • Automated business process for a full sales cycle

ICDC platform includes a wide range of cloud services from virtual machine to application development services. Besides, platform provides tools for managing cloud business:

  • Creating a complete list of customers with all the necessary information about them
  • Price plans creation and invoicing
  • Integration with an international system for secure online payments
  • Detailed reports on the services used, resources, and their cost for each customer
  • Flexible subscriptions management.

What you get

Reliability, Speed, and Security

Responsive design

Smart knowledge base

Free web-tools & applications

24\7 support

Free regular updates

Best cloud background

The ICDC Platform became the winner in the category Best PaaS3 Test and Development Platform in the 10th edition of the Best in Cloud 2023 competition organized by Computerworld Polska.
When making the decision, the jury took into account the benefits of implementing the ICDC Open Source Cloud Platform, including:

• Cost reduction through flexible resource configuration

• No licenses

• Ability to re-use old hardware by installing on it a platform for provision of cloud services

• Wide range of cloud services for end customers

• Automated delivery process

• New user-friendly technologies

• Well-organized cloud architecture and infrastructure

• Reliable external support

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Best cloud background


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