Outrun Cloud

Cloud-based container orchestration platform. Provides rapid provisioning of the necessary resources for the development and deployment of microservices applications.

Drive Your Success

Outrun Cloud empowers businesses looking to modernize and expand their operations through the development of microservices applications.

The service simplifies access to underlying infrastructure and helps manage application lifecycles and development workflows.


Unveiling the Key Features of ICDC Outrun Cloud

Ready to go

Access to a cloud platform that is ready for large projects and small businesses, with support for many popular tools for application management and monitoring.

High availability, resilience, and security

Outrun Cloud provides high availability for applications, load balancing features, and security policies.

Cross-platform compatibility and portability

Outrun Cloud is compatible with a variety of environments, from cloud platforms to on-premises data centers. This makes it easy to move workloads to where you need them.

Easy management through a graphical user interface

Create instances based on Kubernetes namespaces, manage resources and users, and a multi-functional graphical user interface for developers.

Platform and infrastructure support

Platform support and updates provided by the provider.

Rapid deployment of cloud-native applications

Automates the process of building, deploying, and updating, providing continuous delivery and lifecycle management.

Discover the Possibilities of ICDC Outrun Cloud

Developer features:

• Development team collaboration
• Integrated development tools

Benefits For Business

Reducing the time company employees spend on development.

Cost Reduction.

Improved application efficiency and security.

Time-to-market reduction.

The ability to quickly adapt existing systems to changing business requirements.

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