Outrun Dedicated

Dedicated Outrun cluster for container orchestration, adapted to specific organization needs.

What is Outrun Dedicated?

Provide your customers with a dedicated container orchestration cluster on the Outrun platform, tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Our dedicated Outrun cluster ensures that applications and data are kept safe and isolated, providing the necessary control and configuration options to meet stringent security requirements.

Key Features and Benefits for Your Customers

Additional configuration options

Customize the cluster to meet specific needs, including authentication, network settings, and monitoring.

Integration with virtual private clouds

Seamless integration of VPC clusters with existing VPCs through customizable network service settings.

Comprehensive resource monitoring and management

Сontinuous monitoring of cluster events, resource usage, and efficient capacity planning.

Cluster support and administration from providers

Providers will take care of all your cluster's needs, handling software installation and updates, proactive monitoring and troubleshooting, and ensuring compliance with rigorous security requirements.

Why Choose ICDC Outrun Dedicated

Improve your customers' processes

Make it easy for your customers to deploy and manage applications so they can focus on achieving their goals. ICDC Outrun Dedicated provides a dedicated cluster that gives your customers full control over their applications and resources.

Drive innovation

Benefit from seamless operations with additional customization options, allowing your customers to focus on creating cutting-edge applications that set them apart in the market.

Optimize operations

It's a comprehensive application platform that can help your customers reduce operational complexity and focus on developing and scaling applications that deliver more business value.

Provider Support

ICDC Outrun Dedicated cluster management and support can require additional resources and expertise. To help our providers, we offer a wide range of support services, including:

  • Training and documentation on installing, configuring, and managing ICDC Outrun Dedicated clusters
  • L3 support for troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Access to our team of experts for consultation and guidance

We are committed to helping our providers succeed and believe that our support services will make it easy for them to offer ICDC Outrun Dedicated to their customers.

Have Questions? We're Here to Help

If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out. Our team is available to provide the support you need.