Hardware Specification

A balanced configuration of your resources ensures 100% hardware utilization. Ideal solution for hosting provider and private use.

Compute Nodes

Nodes5x compute nodes3x compute nodes
CPUIntel Xeon SP Gen 2 2x socket with 20 cores 2.7GHz1x socket Intel with 16 cores 2.2Ghz
RAM768Gb x 2666MHz256Gb x 2333MHz
GPU1x Tesla V100-
Internal Storage2x RAID M2 SSD 500GbM2 SSD 250Gb
Networking2x 25GbE/40GbE; 2x 1GbE LOM2x 10GbE; 2x 1GbE LOM
Management Module1x 1GbE port; KVM1x 1GbE port; KVM

Reference hardware - Lenovo ThinkSystem SR650

Storage Nodes

Nodes5x storage nodes3x storage nodes
Storage - Fast Pool10x NVMe/SAS SSD 6.4Tb8x SAS SSD 2Tb
Storage - Cold Pool (see note [1])10x HDD 10k 8Tb + 3x SSD 2Tb8x HDD 7.2k 4Tb + 2x SSD 2Tb
CPUIntel Xeon SP Gen 2 1x socket with 12 cores 2.5GHz (1 core per OSD)1x socket Intel with 10 cores 2.2Ghz (1 core per storage drive)
RAM96Gb x 2666MHz (6Gb per storage drive)64Gb x 2333MHz (4Gb per OSD)
Internal Storage2x RAID M2 SSD 256Gb2x M2 SSD 128Gb
Networking2x 25GbE/40GbE, 2x 1GbE LOM2x 25GbE, 2x 1GbE LOM
Management module1x port with KVM1x port with KVM

Reference hardware - Lenovo ThinkSystem SR630

[1] - cold pool needs 3 additional nodes or mixing of NVMe/SSD and HDD disks in nodes;



2x Data L3 switch

• 24x 25GbE/40GbE (should be aligned with Compute and Storage nodes network interfaces)
• Support VRF (more than 100)
• Support VLAN
• Support BGPv4
• Support HSRP / VRRP
These switches are connected to:
• Server equipment
• Management switches
• Internet uplink
• Customer connection uplinks
• all equipment is connected by two Direct Attach Cable 25GbE links aggregated over LACP

2x Management Switch

• 48x 1GbE; 4x 10GbE/25GbE/40GbE uplink
• uplink connected to DataSwitch and Datacenter management infrastructure
• all server management ports are connected (connections are distributed across switches)
• all ports of the LOM server are connected via LACP


• public autonomous system
• public IP /24 subnet (256 ip addresses)
• main ISP link with bandwidth 500Mbit
• reserve ISP link with bandwidth 100Mbit