A simple and secure solution for migrating resources from AWS to ICDC without installing agents.


ICDC provides secure and automated migration as a tool that allows you to migrate resources from AWS to ICDC without disruption. With ICDC Migrator, you can easily organize and manage the entire process.

What can be migrated

You can migrate EC2, RDS, and ElastiCache virtual machines as well as S3 Buckets, without transferring the contained data.

How it works

    Add AWS account to the service

    Import the EC2, RDS, ElastiCache, and S3 Buckets resources contained in your account

    Reconfigure imported resources if necessary

    Deploy resources in ICDC Compute and ICDC Storage

    Run scripts and create databases if required


You can contact the ICDC team so that our specialists conduct an in-depth analysis of your enterprise infrastructure and determine the optimal migration solution. Integrated ICDC solutions include a range of services from planning to implementation and support, and all processes are designed according your needs.

Contact Us for an assessment of your current situation.


Easy to get started

Launch server migration and manage the process through the Migrator GUI with a few mouse clicks. ICDC Migrator automatically replicates AWS server configuration to ICDC Compute and selects suitable machine images as needed.


Migrator automates the conversion of multiple virtual machines and also allows you to run multiple migration projects at the same time.


Control every aspect of the ongoing migration processes at all stages. Be flexible in the choice of subnets when deploying virtual machines.


The Bill for the usage of virtual machines is updated every 6 hours. There is no prepayment or completion fee required, allowing you to save even as your needs grow.


Migrator's unobtrusive approach does not involve the use of agents. This means you don't waste time installing and then uninstalling software on each virtual machine when you migrate it.


The service automatically suggests the OS version based on what you imported from AWS. The virtual machines at ICDC provide you with precisely what you need.